Prowlers on the Property:

  • Prowlers are either potential burglars or the peeping type who will peer through any window where curtains or blinds have been drawn.
  • A woman by herself in the home can place objects on a porch or similar place, suggesting the presence of another person at the address. A pair of large size boots for example may deter a prowler.
  • If a prowler is seen, telephone the Police immediately. A description should be provided of the person, clothing and direction of travel the person has run away.
  • After telephoning the Police, remain quiet and do not alert the prowler, provided your safety is not being threatened. This will allow the Police a better chance of apprehending the prowler. However, if you think the prowler is about to break in, switch on the lights if at night, and make as much noise as possible.
  • It is best not to go outside even if you think the prowler has run away. Going outside could expose you to danger if the person is still nearby or returns, and your presence could hamper Police personnel and dogs engaged on search and tracking operations.



Having a predetermined safety plan will enable you to make the best decision for dealing with an emergency. Making a safety plan involves consideration of the following issues:

  • Whether you are alone of if there are children or other adults present in the home.
  • The internal layout of your home for access to any children and escape routes
  • Proximity to neighbours and boundary features of your property.
  • An agreement with your neighbours on how they will respond.
  • Utilizing an existing room as a safe area, which must have a telephone installed, window security, and a door able to be securely locked from the inside.
  • Choosing to use a safe room or to escape from the home. This will depend on the particular situation or person circumstances, and factors to consider may include:
  1. a) The risks of encountering an intruder inside or outside of the property during an escape.
  2. b) Whether ground floor windows are accessible if an exit door is blocked by an intruder, and physical agility to climb out and run to safety.

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