Review Team Referral Form

Referral Process:

If you are interested in providing a referral for the High Risk Elder Abuse Review Team, please fill out the following form and click submit.  Staff at Victim Services will be in touch to help facilitate the process once the form is received.

1)  To present a case, the service provider must first contact a member of the Elder Abuse Review Team either through form submission (below), email ( or phone call (613-925-0155).

2)  The service provider is expected to provide a summary of the case(s) and any interventions attempted to date.

3)  Elder Abuse Review Team members will deem whether a case is appropriate for the team and if so, will ensure that a case profile form is completed and forwarded to the chair no later than one week prior to the Review Team Meeting

4)  The service provider is required to attend the review team meeting to present the case (can be via teleconference for those not able to attend in person) and to participate in the options discussed.


Referral Form: