Frauds and Scams

Fraud and Scams

The reason seniors are often targeted by con artists include:

  • Seniors often live alone.
  • Seniors may have more savings.
  • Seniors are generally more trusting than younger people.


How to Protect Yourself from Fraud:


  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Avoid “get rich” schemes and free prizes!
  • Don’t rush into agreements with your money or property.
  • Be wary of people coming to your door claiming special discounts for seniors. Take time to consider any home repair and get a second opinion.
  • Do not be pressured by door to door salespeople to buy items you don’t need or want. Often they will try to befriend you as part of their sales pitch. Do not let them in, simply say no thank you and shut the door.
  • If people call or come to your door saying they represent a utility service like hydro or gas, be very careful. Don’t sign anything until you verify with someone you trust.
  • Never give out large amounts of cash to anyone no matter how good the offer may sound.
  • Be extra careful about giving anyone your Social Insurance Number.
  • Never give out banking, credit card or personal information over the phone or on the Internet, unless you are sure you are dealing with an honest organization.
  • If you have doubts about a caller, simply hang up. It’s not rude, it’s smart!
  • Report suspicious offers to your local police station immediately. It’s not always easy to spot a scam, and new ones are invented every day.
  • If you suspect you may be a target of a fraud, or if you have already sent funds, don’t be embarrassed, you are not alone.


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