Door to Door salesmen

Responding to People at the Door – Male or Female:

  • Observe first. Always check by looking through a window or door viewer.
  • Only open your door partially with the security chain connected.
  • Refuse entry if in doubt and telephone the Police or a neighbour.
  • Switch on outside lights when dark to see who is there.
  • Think “suspicious”. Strangers may be thieves trying to gain entry.
  • Only open the door after examining identification and confirming it is genuine.
  • If you are alone, you can create the impression that someone else is present by shouting out that you will answer the door.


Ways People May Attempt to Gain Entry to Your Home:

  • Asking to use the telephone.
  • Asking for a glass of water.
  • Asking for donations.
  • Conducting a survey.
  • Impersonating sales representatives, officials, trades people and others.


Ways to Respond May Include:

  • Saying NO.
  • Leaving the person outside and offering to make a telephone call for them.
  • Denying entry until telephoning their office to verify that they are legitimate.

You should not compromise your safety by opening the door to strangers or allowing them inside, unless you have established that it is safe to do so.


If you have advertised an item for sale and have arranged for a stranger to view it, a good idea could be having a friend or relative present in your home.

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